eth Connell wrote:

This morning as I was having my coffee on my front porch, a car drove by my house and stopped at the end of the street. As I watched a man got out of the car and went to the back of his car to help his child out. I thought this was strange, we live around the corner from an elementary school, but it was only 7:30 in the morning, plus even if he was taking his child to school, at this time of the morning he could have parked so much closer to the school.

So being pretty curious I kept watching. Out of the car came a little boy who could not have been more than 5 or 6 years old. His father adjusted the little boys backpack and then handed him a cane. I realized that this little boy was blind.

I watched as the father spoke to the little boy for a few minutes and then turned him in the right direction and they started off. The father was behind his little boy every step of the way, guiding with his voice and sometimes with his hand. And all the way the little boy laughing and chatting with no fear or apprehension in his voice or mannerisms.

My heart was so touched. Watching this father take the time to teach his son and to guide him reminded me of God. I have been going through a difficult time in my faith, and my comment many times has been that I felt as if I were flying blind. In that one moment this morning God showed me that no matter how I feel, how tired, how blind, how lost or how dark things seem, he is always behind me leading me and guiding me/

This little boy who was only 6 years old had learned to have faith in a way I never have. And he has learned to walk in that faith. I can have all the faith in this world that I want, having enough faith is usually not the problem. That little boy could have had all the faith in the world and believed and trusted his father, but if he never got out of the car, he couldn’t have gotten anywhere. If he had waited for his father to carry him, he would have gotten to school, but never learned anything or experienced the freedom of walking out the faith that his father was with him.

that earthly father with his little boy has truly been the most beautiful picture of God the Father I have ever seen.

Love, me

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