For Those Of Us Who Need It Everyday…

For those of us who need grace daily.  For me, because every day I need something I’ve done or thought or said redeemed. Every day.

For me, who daily needs forgiveness.

For me, who daily struggles with sins that never seem to go away.

For me, who feels like I am playing my daily game of whack-a-mole.

For you, for everyone who knows that they are losing the battle with themselves.

Over and over we strive, we try, we fail.

and over and over His grace is sufficient in our worst.

The hard news is that the fight never ends until we step into glory.

The better news is His mercies are new every single morning.

Because of this grace, I never need walk in a mantle of shame.  I never need hide my eyes or beat myself  up with a baseball bat.  I never need to be buried in my sin.

Because of this grace I get to move forward, we get to move forward.

Some days my sin is like quicksand, pulling me down and sucking me in.  Some days I give into it and I sink.  Bitterness, anger, hatred, spitefulness and selfishness.  Purposely hardening my heart and spirit in order to not feel others pain.

But His grace saves me, pulls me out of my pit and brushes off the goop.  And then He says to me……

“I love you. I. Love. You.  Nothing you do can change that.  Nothing you think can phase me.  Nothing you say will make Me ever go away from you.  You can fight me, you can push me you can scream and yell and hit and kick, I will still love you.  And I will never leave you.”

I need redemption every day.  Most days I am too hard for someone, but I am never too hard or too much for God.

I will never be where I want to be or where I think I should be, but wherever I believe I am in my journey, I am always smack dab in the middle of His heart and for me that is the perfect place to be.


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