I am so tired of unkindness.  I am tired of it in my own self and I am tired of it in other people.  I am tired of it in the media, on the media.  I am just tired of it.

Kindness doesn’t mean that we don’t deal with issues, that we don’t speak truth.  It doesn’t mean that we agree on everything or that we tolerate everything.  Kindness doesn’t look at everything with rose colored glasses or turn a blind eye to injustice.

Kindness just asks that we do those things with love in mind.  It asks that we deal with others with same  care we would like to be dealt with.  Kindness asks that truths spoken not be spoken in a way meant to be hurtful.  Kindness asks that issues don’t be brought up in such a way that it makes one want to find a solution.  Kindness addresses injustice, not ignores it.

Kindness is the strength of restraint.  It is not weakness.  It is the easiest thing in the world to be mean, to speak anger, hatred, frustration.  It is easy to take the gloves off and fling insults, or to return evil for evil.  Giving in to our baser proclivities takes no strength on our part.  Kindness in the face of those things however requires strength of character.

Kindness is not something to be handed out when and if you think someone else deserves it.  The very point of kindess is that it is a gift to be given not a privilege to be earned by others.

Every day I get on facebook or the internet to read news and all I see at every turn is gloating, anger, unkindess.  Every. single. day. .  And it wearies the mind.  I could just stay off of facebook, but there are things and people that I like to see, photos, recipes and sweet little quotes .  But the unkindness is overwhelming.

Maybe those who read this won’t care.  Maybe those who read this will think I am ridiculous.  maybe.   But for all the hateful, angry and discouraging words out there in internet space, now there are a few words of kindness.






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